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Why Us?

With a U-Haul certification, A/C and C/C self-storage units, a modern security system, affordable pricing plans and a convenient location, Bidwell offers secure, convenient, and affordable storage. We have clients ranging from pharmaceutical firms to college students. Whatever your storage needs are, we have you covered.





General Information

Bidwell is now UHaul certified


65 Heritage Lane Chico, CA 95926

Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 7AM - 6PM
Saturday-Sunday: 8AM - 6PM
Gate Access: 7 Days a week, 7AM - 6PM

We are located in the K-mart parking lot.
General Warehousing and Storage License # 07334


Some of our clients store valuable pharmecuticals, some store common household items. We provide the same level of security to all of our clients. We have security cameras that monitor all of the units 24/7. Our current manager also lives on site. Whether it is 2:00 AM or lunchtime, we are watching your belongings.


Need help driving to Bidwell Self Storage from your current location? No problem.


Via (Smart) Phone

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